Damson Handcrafted Drop Spindle

Damson Handcrafted Drop Spindle


HANDCRAFTED DROP SPINDLES created by master craftsman, Kevin Rhodes.

Kevin is a well known and respected drop spindle maker, who has honed his craft over many years. Having used his spindles for the last 10 years, I can testify not only to their quality but also their beauty.

When I first started spinning my own yarn over a decade ago, I made the mistake of purchasing a mass-produced drop spindle from a well known online craft store. It broke within a matter of weeks, being made from inferior wood.

Kevin hand carves every spindle to create a unique work of art. I think of choosing your spindle as being similar to Harry Potter choosing his wand in Ollivander’s wand store. Every time I have these beauties on my stand at the International Craft & Hobby Fairs, people are drawn to specific spindles and I’ve nearly had to break up fights between people who are drawn to the same spindle… They really are that good!

If you are new to spinning… these spindles are an ideal weight to create a variety of thickness of yarn for general knitting or crocheting purposes.

If you are an experienced spinner then one of these tools will last you a lifetime, while being an absolute pleasure to own and use.

They are both a high whorl & low whorl drop spindle*

* If you’re unsure what this means then please drop me a line

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