Damson Handcrafted Drop Spindle

Damson Handcrafted Drop Spindle


HANDCRAFTED DROP SPINDLES created by master craftsman, Kevin Rhodes.

Kevin is a well known and respected drop spindle maker, who has honed his craft over many years. Having used his spindles for the last 10 years, I can testify not only to their quality but also their beauty.

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Kevin hand carves every spindle to create a unique work of art.

I think of choosing your spindle as being similar to Harry Potter choosing his wand in Ollivander’s wand store.

Every time I sold these beauties at the International Craft & Hobby Fair, people couldn’t get enough of them. I nearly had to break up fights between people who had their eye on the same spindle… They really are that good!

When I first started spinning my own yarn over a decade ago, I made the mistake of purchasing a mass-produced drop spindle from a well known online craft store. It broke within a matter of weeks, being made from inferior wood. It’s a mistake I never made again. Kevin’s spindles are an investment that I have never once regretted. They bring me great joy to not only use but to have around my home. Some people might have crockery as ornaments, I have my drop spindle.

If you are new to spinning…

These spindles are an ideal weight to create a variety of thickness of yarn for general knitting or crocheting purposes.

If you are an experienced spinner…

One of these tools will last you a lifetime, while being an absolute pleasure to own and use.