Welcome to the “Anti-Hustle”

My name’s Rachel.

I’m on an adventure to discover my ikigai and guide others to do the same.

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I’m an International Artist, Business Consultant, Life Coach, Eco Fashion Designer, Sustainable Textile Expert, Master Natural Dyer and an Entrepreneur.  

I’m all of these things and yet none.

I’m part of a growing collective of people across the world who refuse to be defined by labels.

We’re the FREEDOM SEEKERS, the non-conformists.

We can’t, don’t or won’t fit into a boX.

Steve Jobs called us “the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently”.

All my career I’ve been told I had to choose.

Choose between my work as a business coach and my art practice.  

Choose between the lifestyles I desired to live.  

Choose between the different parts of my identity that made me whole.

I refuse to choose.

I’m on the journey of a lifetime to craft a career and lifestyle that work perfectly for me, using my intuition and instinct as my compass.

I think of it as the “Anti-Hustle”.

The work starts with myself.

I know better than most what it takes to create a true life of freedom.  

Following a life changing accident that left me paralysed in a wheelchair, I not only rebuilt my entire life and career but also achieved the impossible…

I learnt how to walk again.  

I’m living proof that miracles do happen, of the incredible power in self belief and why we need to reach for our dreams, even when other people think they’re impossible.

At the time I only knew one way to achieve success - think positive and fight on - no matter the pain or the cost to my happiness and health. I achieved some incredible goals in my life and built an amazing career but after years of hustling…

I hit total burn out.

Mentally, physically and emotionally I crashed landed, I fell apart and I shut down.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been incredibly painful and it’s still a journey I am going through but the whole process has gifted me insights into the incredible power for change that lies within all of us.

It’s true, without the shadows we can’t appreciate the light.

We can’t keep FIGHTING or FORCING our way through life, instead we need to find flow.

It’s a way of life where we achieve success without sickness, our ambitions without selling out and all the while enjoying the ride!

I call it living the slow life.