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My name’s Rachel and I’m on a journey to discover my ikigai and experience a life of true freedom.

After spending the last 10 years working as a successful business consultant and international artist, I hit burn out and realised there’s got to be a better way of living.

I have a holistic view of my home and career where I create, curate and celebrate the slow life.

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Not sure what you're meant to be doing with your life?

Not sure what you're meant to be doing with your life?


I’ll never forget the day at school when I met a “Careers Advisor” for the first and only time.

I sat there in quiet reverence while she clacked away at a computer, decoding my meaning for existence through some basic questions about which subjects I liked the best*

*art, music, english and french - in case you’re wondering?

Finally she reached the end of the quizzing and we both sat there, waiting for what seemed an eternity for this digital oracle to provide the answer to the most burning question of my short existence.

What am I meant to be doing with my life?


The computer says you should be a SPEECH THERAPIST
— She announced with raised eyebrows

 I wasn’t sure whether the raised eyebrows were because she’d never had such a random job suggestion or because she was wondering the same thing as me… How the hell did it figure that out?

I kinda felt like we’d just yanked the handle of a slot machine and we were gambling with the most precious thing I owned, my life and future happiness.

Meanwhile, my teenage mind monkey was doing what it does best - trying to accept this as a definitive answer, provided by a sensible adult and find a logical process of how the hell I could make it work… before it too realised it wasn’t going to happen.

I can still remember my exact thoughts 20 years later. 

I’ve got a slight lisp and when i pronounce my name it comes out as wachel?

I can't talk properly so how can i help other people?

Who would hire me?

Do I need to “fix” myself first?

Are you kidding me? 

The irony of a Speech Therapist with multiple speech impediments was not lost on me, even at the tender age of 15 years old.


Before the meeting I'd felt like a greek hero about to visit a wise sage. This person would enlighten me, give me some incredible insight into my self, guidance to figure out what I was supposed to be doing with my life and provide me with a clear direction for the next steps on my life journey.

The naive optimism of youth.

The only reason I didn’t have a mini-meltdown at my “career guru” falling way short of the mark (and my expectations) was because most of my friends didn't know what they wanted to do either.  

We were teenagers.  

We were still figuring out more important questions such as...

Who’s the hottest lad in school?

Which is the best boyband Take That or WestLife?

Are these “Rupert Bear” plaid trousers really in fashion now?


I think many of us were secretly jealous of my friend Angela because she always announced with such determination that she was going to be a journalist (full disclaimer - I have no idea if she achieved this). I remember being insanely envious because she knew exactly where she was going with her career.  She’d picked a job title and this made it much easier for her to make decisions about which skills to nurture and subjects to focus on.

The rest of us were blindly stumbling around in the dark and making some of our most important career decisions based on the subjects we found the most fun, were forced to take by law or had the least scary teacher.

This approach to figuring out what we’re meant to be doing in life didn’t seem so bad at the time, we were doing our best with no experience and little guidance.

As adults most of us still don’t have the answer and it’s something we’ve been asking ourselves for a very long time.


It’s taken me most of my life to figure it out, but along the way I was able to create a system that will help you find your answer too.

I created this signature system because after my “accident” I had to rebuild both my career and my life and I know the awful suffering we go through when we feel lost, adrift and unsure of our future.

This system came into “being” after many years of studying, exploring and questioning the traditional methods for designing our careers and lives.

My experience of coaching people who appear to have it all figured out, are living a life of freedom and super successful (the creatives and entrepreneurs in the world), is that many are still out of alignment, don’t feel completely fulfilled and experience the pain of internal conflict even more than others because they are self aware.

They’ve got themselves in far too deep to know how to change course and They’re very good at hiding their pain from the rest of the world.

There’s a lot of pressure on us to succeed, an expectation that we should have our s**t together and any vulnerability is a weakness. Not having all the answers simply makes us human and being honest with ourselves about that fact, is the greatest gift.

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